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The case is in court
Andrey Novashov is a journalist from Kemerovskaya Oblast, writer for* and Tayga.Info. For reposting an article about the Ukrainian "special operation", he faces up to three years in prison.
What is Andrey being tried for?
On the morning of March 21, police came to search Andrey Novashov's apartment in Prokopyevsk and seized all work devices. On the same day, he was accused of spreading "fakes" about the Russian army. Andrey was banned from using the phone and the Internet, as well as going to public events. Later, on April 12, a criminal case was opened against the journalist under part 1 of Article 207.3 (dissemination of deliberately false information about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation).

The investigation claims that Novakov "characterizes Russia as an aggressor country, which, similarly to the actions of Nazi Germany, treacherously attacked the Ukraine". Andrey did not write anything on his own behalf, but only reposted an article by a city deputy from Mariupol, who described the battles for the city in March 2022. This entry was marked private and only seen by a handful of friends of Novashov on VKontakte, a Russian social media platform.
Andrey believes the criminal case against himself to be politically motivated. In the past, the journalist wrote about human rights violations and torture in Siberian colonies and pre-trial detention centers. In 2020, the administration of three Kemerovo colonies sued the journalist and demanded that he refute information from the investigation about torture.

Now Novashov and his family are preparing for the worst-case scenario. The court rejects the lawyer's complaints and objections, and plans to bring the case to an end. Even if Andrey receives a fine of 700 thousand rubles (as provided by part 1 of Article 207.3), his family will not have enough money to pay the fine and pay for the services of a lawyer.
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*Publications that, according to the Russian Ministry of Justice, perform the function of a foreign agent
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