Free Grigory Mumrikov!
The artist has remained in home arrest
Grigory Mumrikov is an artist and composer from Moscow. He is facing up to 5 years in prison because of a thwarted anti-war protest planned by his friend Danila Tkachenko.
About the criminal case
What is Grigory charged with?
In May 2022, Grigory’s friend, artist Danila Tkachenko, was planning an anti-war protest not far from Red Square. Danila was going to light some blue-and-yellow smoke bombs on May 9, but the law enforcement authorities found out about his upcoming performance. As a result, a criminal case was launched against Danila Tkachenko for “disorderly conduct motivated by political hatred” (article 213, part 2 of the RF Criminal Code), after which he fled the country.

Having fled the country, Mr. Tkachenko stated that he was acting alone. Despite that, the artist said that his friend Grigory Mumrikov had been arrested for 10 days in connection with the thwarted protest. As it turned out in July, the administrative case against Grigory had been quickly replaced by criminal charges. Mr. Mumrikov has remained in a detention center since May, and is currently also charged with “disorderly conduct”. According to Grigory’s family, he is being held in the detention center “for no reason, [just] so that they could put pressure on Tkachenko”.

The fact is that for the past two months Grigory has remained in custody for the crime he did not commit. The artist’s relatives tell about despicable conditions in the detention center: There are not even enough beds for all the detainees. On the outside Grigory has left a wife, who is now forced to work with the lawyer, put together parcels, and support their two-year-old daughter. Thanks to the work of lawyers, in August the court agreed to place Mumrikov under house arrest.

How can I help?
Support Grigory’s family

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Mumrikova Irina Stanislavovna (Grigory’s wife)

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