Free Irina Dmitrieva!
The mother of four is awaiting court ruling
Irina Dmitrieva (Nelson) is a former lawyer and a mother of four from the town of Novaya Derevnya in the Novgorod region. She is facing up to 7 years in prison for “public calls to and justification of terrorism”
About the criminal case
What is Irina being charged with?
In early 2022, on the eve of the “special operation”, Irina Dmitrieva wrote a few comments opposing the “special operation” and against sending Russian soldiers to Ukraine. These comments provided grounds for launching a criminal case against her under article 205.2, part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“public calls to and justification of terrorism”).

An anonymous “concerned citizen” wrote four complaints against Irina. Following the one in February 2022, a criminal case was launched against her. Ms. Dmitrieva herself learned about the case only in the middle of March, when the police showed up at her place with a folder holding anonymous reports. The court did not impose any pre-trial measures given her status as a mother of four.
Irina has no regrets and is ready to defend her position till the very end. This is not the first time Mr. Dmitrieva is voicing her opposition to the current developments. In January 2021, the activist was the only resident in her neighborhood who went out to support Aleksey Navalny. After that the court sentenced the woman to 20 hours of mandatory community labor.

If the sentence takes effect, Irina would leave behind four under-aged children. In the past, Ms. Dmitrieva used to make a living by offering legal consultations, but in 2020 she lost her job and now relies on welfare. The family has no other sources of income.
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