Free Irina Tolmacheva!
The teacher is under a written pledge not to leave
Irina Tolmacheva is a Novosibirsk teacher and a member of the independent trade union called Teachers Alliance. For her comment in social media she is facing a million ruble fine and up to 3 years in prison under Article 207.3, Part 1 of the Russian Criminal Code ("spreading fake news about the Russian Armed Forces").
About the criminal case
What is Irina on trial for?
In the early morning of 25 March, law enforcers searched Irina Tolmacheva's flat. According to Irina’s own story, the law enforcers were brutal: a special police unit broke down the door, Centre E officers were rude and shouted during the interrogation. After that all of Irina’s electronic devices were taken away from her and she was taken to the police station, where she signed a document of non-disclosure and a pledge not to leave.

The reason for the search was a single comment on social media. According to Irina, there were no words of hostility or hatred in said comment: the former teacher was only discussing the consequences of the "special operation" in Ukraine.
In the past, Irina worked as a psychologist in a school in Novosibirsk and engaged in political activism. For example, in 2015 she collected signatures in support of the Democratic Coalition. In 2019, Tolmacheva was fired from the school because of a video demanding an increase in teachers' salaries.

After her dismissal, Irina continued her civic activism: she was the head of the local branch of Teachers Alliance and volunteered in the pre-election coalition of independent deputies "Novosibirsk 2020". At the same time, Irina runs a private psychological practice and an educational blog about eating disorders.

Irina is now under a written pledge not to leave and is awaiting a subpoena together with her lawyer Alexander Fedulov. Her allies in the independent deputy coalition and trade union helped her raise money for the lawyer and the inflicted damages.
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