“The Kazan case”
The activists from Kazan are facing up to 10 years in prison based on criminal charges for “involving persons in mass riots” and “calls to terrorism”

Since March the Kazan law enforcement authorities have been putting pressure on those who publicly oppose the “special operation”. Some of them have faced criminal charges for “involving persons in mass riots” and “calls to terrorism”
About the criminal case
What are these activists charged with?
On the morning of March 17, 2022, law enforcement officers conducted mass searches in the homes of local political activists. The police came to activist Gulnaz Ravilova, chairperson of the local branch of the “Yabloko” party Ruslan Zinatullin, SOTA journalist Elena Izotova, designer of the “Veter” publication Anna Kantzer, activist Kirill Alekhin, instructor at the Kazan Federal University Samson Liberman, and student Vadim Khruschev, the author of the KFU students’ anti-war letter. The police seized the technical equipment and bankcards belonging to Gulnaz and Vadim.

On the same day it became known that the searches were conducted in connection with the criminal case under article 212, part 1.1 of the Russian Criminal Code (“persuading, recruiting or otherwise involving persons in mass riots”). The investigators claim that on the eve of the anti-war protests on March 3, 2022, one of the suspects suggested to purchase loudspeakers, batons, and incendiary mixtures. On that same day, the police detained several suspects: member of the Libertarian party Timur Tukhvatullin, activist Ruslan Terentiev, and employee of the Kazan Federal University Andrey Boyarshinov.
However, the law enforcement authorities did not stop at that. On the morning of March 25, 2022, there began a second wave of searches. The police came to Artur Khanov, Vadim Khruschev’s roommate. Searches were also conducted in the homes of student Aleksey Vorokhov and PhD student Philip Krasnovid. On that same day the police detained activist Marina Ionova (Shoyetova) as another suspect in the investigation “involving persons in mass riots”.

The latest series of searches in Kazan took place on April 30, 2022, when law enforcement came to founders of the FemKyzlar project Tasia Albarinio and Dina Nurm as well as Aigul Akhmetova, the administrator of the project telegram channel. The police seized the women’s technical equipment and made them all witnesses in the case.

The “Kazan case” is a perfect example of political pressure exerted on people with a clear civic stance. “Suspects” and “witnesses” in the “persuasion to participate in mass riots” case are very different people, many of whom don’t even know one another. We demand to stop the persecution of civil activists in Kazan and other Russian cities and towns!
Those involved in the case

Who is under the investigation in connection with the “Kazan case”?

Timur Tukhvatullin
Activist of the Libertarian Party; detained on March 17, 2022 as a suspect in the “persuasion to participate in mass riots” case. In the beginning of July law enforcement authorities dropped the charges against him due to “lack of evidence of his involvement in the case”
Andrey Boyarshinov
Activist from Kazan, employee of the Kazan Federal University; Initially was a witness in the “persuasion to participate in mass riots” case. Because he refused to answer questions, law enforcement detained Andrey as a suspect. Then on March 20, 2022, a case was launched against him under article 205.1, part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“calls to terrorism”) for his posts in the anti-war telegram channel. Andrey will remain in the detention center until August 18, 2022; under the new article he is facing up to 7 years in prison
Marina Ionova (Shoyetova) 
Eco-activist from Kazan; detained on March 25, 2022 at the train station when she was coming back from a retreat in Moscow. She was charged in connection with the “persuasion to participate in mass riots” case. She was released after spending two days at a temporary holding facility with a notice of a mandatory (court) appearance
Ruslan Terentiev
Detained on March 17, 2022 following a search; after spending two days at a temporary holding facility he was released along with other people detained in connection with the “Kazan case”; gone missing at the end of March; we have no further information about his whereabouts
How can I help?
Sing the petition demanding to drop the charges against Andrey Boyarshinov
By signing the petition, you express your solidarity with all the civil activists persecuted for their pacifist views
Write Andrey Boyarshinov a letter
Send a letter using the “Zonatelekom” service:

Mailing address for Federal government facility "Pre-trial Detention Center 1 of the Federal Correctional Service Administration of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan”

FKU SIZO-1 UFSIN po Respublike Tatarstan
Yapeeva st., bldg. 16, Kazan, 420111 Tatarstan

to Boyarshinov, Andrey Vladimirovich, born 1984
Publications on the “Kazan case”

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