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Little-known cases and proceedings
Many people who have the status of an accused in an “anti-war case” are neither journalists, nor human rights or civil activists. There are no petitions to support them, no telegram channels or articles in independent media. All we are able to find out about their criminal charges are a few scraps of news or posts in telegram channels.

We have done our best to gather all of the available information about such people charged under articles 207.3 and 280.3 of the RF Criminal Code. If you happen to know how we could help the people below, contact our bot:
The list of the accused
Under articles 207.3 and 280.3
Aleksandr Nozdrinov
Blogger from Novokubansk; charged under article 207.3 (part unknown) for a “fake” post in the telegram channel “Sanya Novokubansk”; the journalists have been unable to find the post; the blogger has remained in the detention center since March of 2022. At the same time, law enforcement officers conducted a search in the homes of another blogger from Novokubansk, Dmitry Bubenko, and a resident of Armavir.

"Memorial"* recognized Mr.Nozdrinov as a political prisoner.

Alexey Onoshkin

An employee of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster from Nizhny Novgorod. He was detained on August 16, charged with “dissemination of fakes about the Russian army motivated by hatred” (part 2 of article 207.3, paragraph “e”). Sent to jail.

Bulat Shumekov

Civil activist from the Kemerovo Region; arrested on April 16, 2022 for “disseminating false information about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” (article 207.3, part 1). Soon after that Bulat was sent to a detention center. He is facing up to 3 years in prison. In addition, the activist has been fined twice for “discrediting the Russian Army” (article 20.3.3 of the Administrative Code).

"Memorial"* recognized Mr.Shumekov as a political prisoner.

Vladimir Rumyantsev

61-year-old stoker from Vologda. A criminal case against him was initiated after an inspection by the local FSB. Vladimir is a radio amateur, he broadcast "fake messages" on the air. For this, the man was accused of “spreading fakes about the Russian army” (Part 2 of Article 207.3). Now he is in jail.

"Memorial"* recognized Mr.Rumyantsev as a political prisoner.

Gregory Winter (Gregory Markus Severin Winter)

human rights activist from Cherepovets, coordinator of the local branch of the movement "For Human Rights". In August - early September 2022, he was detained on suspicion of "spreading fakes about Russian army". Vinter is kept in a pre-trial detention center, despite diabetes, he does not receive normal nutrition and is kept in inappropriate conditions.

Aleksandr Grigoriev

Lipetsk pensioner and civil activist. Detained due to the administration of the telegram channel with "fake publications". Prosecuted under the first part of article 207.3.

Aleksandr Kamenyuk
Blogger, former Head of the Kamchatka branch of the party “Spravedlivaya Rossiya”; has been fined on several occasions for anti-war posts (article 20.3.3 of the Administrative Code); on June 15, 2022 was charged with a criminal offence under article 280.3 (“discrediting the Russian Army”).
Andrey Sorochkin
Activist from Nizhny Novgorod; charged under article 280.3 (“discrediting the Russian Army”). The criminal case was launched because of a poster against the “special operation”, which Andrey attached to the rear window of his car. Mr. Sorochkin was charged the second time under the same article after he had tried to leave the country.

Askhabali Alibekov

a blogger from Novorossiysk, known as the "Wild Paratrooper". He was detained by a detachment of OMON under the article on “discrediting the army”, after interrogation he was released on bail. Previously, the blogger was fined for a single picket

Diana Nefedova
Resident of Chelyabinsk; on April 4 and 5, 2022, she reposted several posts on her VKontakte page. The young woman’s page had 32 subscribers, but this did not stop the authorities from launching a criminal case against her for “dissemination of false information” (article 207.3, part unknown). Ms. Nefedova’s lawyer is Andrey Lepekhin.
Dmitry Petrenko
Member of the Omsk City Council; had a telegram channel for discussing issues facing the region; was detained on March 29, 2022 on the suspicion of “dissemination of false information about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation using official powers” (article 207.3, part 2, sub-paragraph a). Since the end of March Dmitry has been prohibited from certain actions and activities. In May, the prohibition was extended until the court’s final ruling.
Elena Tardasova-Yun
Resident of Novosibirsk; detained on June 2, 2022 and charged with “dissemination of false information about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” (article 207.3, part 1). According to her acquaintances, the charges could have been based on an anti-war post in Elena’s social media account. At the moment, Elena is under a written obligation not to leave her place of residence. We have no further details on the case at this point.
Igor Baryshnikov
Political activist from Sovetsk (the Kaliningrad Region); on May 4, law enforcement officers conducted a search in Igor’s apartment. Later he was charged under article 207.3, part 1 (“dissemination of false information about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation) for his posts in Facebook**. The activist is facing up to 3 years in prison. Mr. Baryshkin’s lawyer is Maria Bontsler, who herself has been charged more than once with an administrative offence for disseminating false information.

Hieromonk Nikandr (Eugene Pinchuk)

Priest of Russian Orthodox Church from the Sverdlovsk region. Accused of “discrediting the Russian army” (Part 1 of Article 280.3) because of VKontakte posts condemning the “special operation”. In March, Nikadra was already fined by the court because of similar publications.
Petr Borovinskikh
Resident of Kopeisk (the Chelyabinsk Region); since the beginning of the “special operation” had been publishing critical posts in the local group, which provided grounds for criminal charges under article 207.3, part 1 (“dissemination of false information”). Later, criminal articles were brought against Peter about "disrespect for the days of military glory" and "discrediting the army."
Raisa Boldova
Philologist from Sterlitamak (the Republic of Bashkortostan); in the middle of April of 2022, a criminal case was launched against her under article 207.3, part 1. The charges are based on her “many comments in VKontakte”, in which officials from the Federal Security Service Office for the Central Military District found false information about the Russian Army.
Sergey Veselov

Activist from the city of Shuya (Ivanovo region). He is accused of "discrediting the Russian army" because of a YouTube video that was watched by a few of Sergey's subscribers. Also, Veselov is charged with part 1 of Article 214 (vandalism) because of the inscription “no war” on the administration building.

Aleksandr Tarapon
Resident of Alushta; detained for posting anti-war flyers. He has been charged under article 207.3, part 1. Lawyer Rifat Yakhin has further details on the activist’s case.

Andrey Pavlov

A resident of Tula, was fined for posts on social networks and anti-war slogans on his jacket. In August, a criminal case was opened against him under the article on "discrediting the Russian army."

Ilya Gantsevsky

Resident of Kerch, accused of “spreading fakes” because of posts on Instagram**. In April, he was arrested for 14 days for the same post. He is under house arrest.

Maxim Rachkov
A resident of Rostov-on-Don, detained on July 21 and charged with “spreading fakes about the Russian army” (Article 207.3, part unknown). The case against Maxim was initiated back in April, the man was detained after returning from abroad.

Pavel Drozdov

According to investigators, he created a chat in the messenger, where he spread “fakes about the Russian army” (Article 207.3). He is also accused of selling drugs (Article 228.1). Name not set.

Ruben Poghosyan

former prisoner of IK-9 in Petrozavodsk. In the past, he spoke about torture in the colony, which led to the trial of the authorities. Accused of publishing fake news about the Russian army (Article 207.3).

Victoria Samko

Former employee of the Crimean state channel. Searches at Victoria's place took place on August 4, she was charged with publishing posts in the channel group on VKontakte (part 1 of article 207.3).

Vladimir Latypov
Entrepreneur from Kemerovo; has staged numerous single-person protests against the “special operation”. At the end of April of 2022, a criminal case was launched against him under article 280.3 (“discrediting the Russian Army”). Vladimir’s further fate is unknown.

Prisoner from Penza

Accused of "spreading fake news about the Russian army" (Part 1 of Article 207.3). According to the security forces, the prisoner communicated with his cellmates and shared "fakes about the army."

Resident of Irkutskiy Kray

Accused of “spreading fakes” due to posts on social networks (Article 207.3). Name not set.

Resident of Naberezhnye Chelny (the Republic of Tatarstan)
за посты в соцсетях обвиняется сразу по части 1 статьи 207.3 и части 2 статьи 282 («возбуждение ненависти») за посты в ВКонтакте. Имя не установлено.
Resident of Ussuriysk (Primorsky Krai)
Name unknown; detained in the middle of April of 2022 for “disseminating false information” (article 207.3, part 1) and pleaded guilty; released with a notice of mandatory court appearance.

*A publication, which, in the opinion of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, carries out functions of a foreign agent

**The Facebook social network is owned by the company Meta Platforms Inc. In Russia, this company is declared an extremist organization and banned

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