Free Mariia Ponamarenko!
The journalist will be under arrest until the end of September
Mariia Ponomarenko is a journalist, author of the independent publication "RusNews". She was writing and shooting about corruption in Altai and Siberia. In the past, Maria has already been tried on misdemeanors of public demonstrations.
About the criminal case
What's Mariia being tried for?
Forces detained Mariia Ponomarenko on the evening of 23 April in St. Petersburg, where she was reporting on the anti-war protests. After spending a few days in detention, she was sent to the pretrial denention centre #10 (SIZO-10). The St. Petersburg Court of October district arrested her for two months as a suspect in the “spreading fake news” case.

The reason for this was the report on the death of civilians in Mariupol during the period of “special operation”, which was posted though Telegram on the Channel «Цензуры нет» (No to Censorship), which was administered by Mariia.

The investigation has no evidence that it was Ponomarenko who wrote the post. But she is still facing up to 10 years in prison under Part 2 of Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
On 21 May, a journalist was convoyed to Barnaul. A few days after returning home, the local court extended Maria's arrest in the detention centre until August 28, expelling her friends and supporters from the courtroom beforehand.

The journalist has two juvenile daughters at large. The eldest daughter, at the age of 16, is a witness in the mother's case. Children's interrogations have already caused Mariia a nervous breakdown. On July 2, the court appointed Ponomarenko a psychiatric examination, while forbidding him to see his relatives. After passing the examination, Maria complained about the inappropriate behavior of the medical staff, who injected her with unknown drugs. Mariia's colleagues at RusNews are raising money to help Mariia and her children.

"Memorial"* recognized Ponomarenko as a political prisoner.

How can I help?
Write a letter to Maria
Anyone can write a letter to a political prisoner using the FSIN-PISMO system. To write a letter, click on the link below and fill out the form:


FKU pre-trial detention center-1 (SIZO-1) UFSIN of Russia in po Altayskomu krayu:
656021, Russia, Altai Republic, Barnaul, Kanatnyi proezd, 81.

to Ponomarenko Mariia Nikolaevna, 1978.
Support Mariia's family monetarily

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In the message, indicate "to help Mary."

Publication about case of Ponomarenko

*A publication, which, in the opinion of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, carries out functions of a foreign agent

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