Free Oleg Belousov!
Oleg will remain in the detention center
Oleg Belousov is a treasure hunter from St. Petersburg. He is facing up to 10 years in prison for publishing a “fake” commentary about the Russian Army.
About the criminal case
What is Oleg charged with?
Early in the morning on June 27, 2022, the police broke down the doors and searched the apartment of treasure hunter Oleg Belousov. During the search they seized his technical equipment, as well as ammunition, a knife, and pins from “the Nazi Germany times”. On the same day he was charged with “dissemination of false information about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation motivated by hatred” (article 207.3, part 2, sub-paragraph d). The trial took place on June 28, and the court ruled to send Mr. Belousov to the detention center.

What triggered Oleg’s detention was his comment in the “Piterskie kopateli” group (lit. “Peter’s diggers”). He is not a professional archaeologist, but he has been an amateur treasure hunter for many years. Mr. Belousov was informed on by a “fellow” treasure hunter. Sergey Chmykhun of St. Petersburg was of the opinion that by saying certain things about the “special operation” Oleg was “rocking the boat”.

The defense insists upon more lenient pre-trial measures: Oleg has a group III disability, and his remaining in the detention center may be detrimental to his health. Mr. Belousov also has an adult son with special development needs. Despite all this, however, the investigators insisted on Oleg’s arrest. The court held on August 26 extended Belousov's arrest for 2 months.

"Memorial"* recognized Mr. Belousov as a political prisoner.
How can I help?
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Daniil Olegovich B., son of Belousov

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FKU pre-trial detention center-1 (SIZO-1) “Kresty” UFSIN of Russia in Saint-Petersburg and Leningradskoi oblasti
Kolpinskaja st., bldg. 9, Kolpino, Russia 196655

to Belousov, Oleg Vasilyevich, born 1967
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