Free Olga Smirnova!

The activist will remain in the detention center until January 2023

Olga Smirnova is a St. Petersburg activist and a co-creator of the Peaceful Resistance group. On many occasions, together with her fellow activists, she organized peaceful protests. She is also a co-creator of Strategy 18, an initiative in support of the Crimean Tatars.
About the criminal case
What is Olga charged with?
Early morning on May 5, law-enforcement officers came to five of the participants of the Peaceful Resistance activist group. In the aftermath of the search, the police detained the activist Olga Smirnova. In early March, she published several critical posts in Peaceful Resistance’s public group in VKontakte.

For publishing posts against the “special military operation” Olga was charged with “dissemination of false information about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” (Art. 207.3), committed by a group of persons (sub-paragraph b), for personal gain (sub-paragraph g), and motivated by hatred (sub-paragraph d). The rest of the participants of Peaceful Resistance were released as witnesses.

Olga’s trial is scheduled to take place in the end of July. Until then, the activist will remain in custody. Olga’s supporters are concerned that the law-enforcement authorities may come after her friends and family.

"Memorial"* recognized Smirnova as a political prisoner.
How can I help?
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FKU pre-trial detention center-5 (SIZO-5) UFSIN of Russia in Saint-Petersburg and Leningradskoi oblasti

Arsenalnaja st., bldg. 11, St. Petersburg, Russia 195009

to Smirnova, Olga Borisovna, born 1968
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Publications on Olga’s case

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